11 thoughts on “My fashion drawings for Fall 2012

  1. Hi Isabella, This isn’t meant as a criticism, but mainly as a way to start a discussion. I love your designs and sketches, and wonder if you consider how clothes will look on girls who are not so slim as the ones in your sketches? Is it necessary, or possible to design clothes differently for different body types? Or, how ‘average’ size girls will think, feel, or relate to your sketches? Or, is it simply a fashion convention to show clothing on extremely thin models?

    I know when I look at, say, a shirt Brad Pitt is wearing, that I won’t look like Brad Pitt just by wearing the same shirt, but some small part of me thinks ‘well, maybe I’ll look a little like Brad’.

    You seem like a young woman who would be interested in the sort of questions I’m asking as you continue in your fashion career. And, that’s why I’m asking. I hope you’re other ‘followers’ will add their viewpoints!

    thanks, Mike

    • Hi there
      I know exactly what you are saying and of course these are things that I have thought about đŸ™‚ The above croquis are just the standard forms, my clothes are what the “art” is. The look of the croquis may be varied but it seems to me that the forms are meant to have the clothes be the show piece. At this point since I am fairly new to fashion drawing I will probably continue using the forms until I get more comfortable — then I will veer off. I really enjoy drawing them. This is an interesting discussion as I am now drawing and painting nudes – many different shapes. I guess what is more important for me is that my lookbook has regular girls and that is what goes out to the public– I am mindful of how girls my age feel about their bodies. I think a professional fashion illustrator might be able to shed more light on the use of the croquis forms? I should ask !

      • Thank you for asking this question Mike and for your answer.. it’s so very important that we get away from this idea that you are only worthwhile or attractive if you are ultra thin or are wearing the right labels… Food for thought for you Isabella as I feel you could be a leading light with your talent..

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