Writer’s Block (slam) 2010


I just don’t know


I just don’t know how to start this


I just can’t think


I am searching myself for some sort of inspiration


But I find I am just lost at sea


You see, their are no thoughts in me


My pen can’t move


My hand is stuck without ideas to flow


Like a volcano


I am waiting to erupt


With some great rhyme


Thinking about the time


I spent in Africa


My eyes feasting on its jewels


Of sapphire blue skies and topaz sunrise


Emerald shaded parrots bedazzling the trees


A country laden with treasure


Unable to measure the impact it’s had on me


This writer that I am so desperately attempting to be


Today is not my season


No goddess of wisdom to guide me


No rain replenishing thoughts


My pen just rots


Because I have not one thought


My mind is a blank sheet


I am just thoroughly frustrated beyond belief


How do they do it ?


Day after day


Do they look up to the shimmering skies?


Where rainbows dance


And the northern lights by chance


Bring us nature’s light show


I dunno


I am stuck with this writer’s block


A breath of fresh air might do the trick


And yet




Just standing here in the presence of all gods creations


With my thoughts on vacation


An absent foundation for my pen in hand


Perhaps an important topic is my mission


To bring to light the plight of


Kids being bullied in schools


Text messages so cruel


To the point where they feel death is their salvation


Turn on the TV or read the news


What is happening in this nation


Another victim, battered, bruised without any visible signs


Just beaten down virtually on line


I just don’t know


I just don’t know how to begin


I just can’t think


Where is this inspiration?


Gravitation to this aggravation building up inside of me


I am just sitting here


Racking my brain


My hand cramping from writing about nothing


Due to this writer’s block