Meeting with Fhernando Colunga of Colunga fashions in London !!!

I had the amazing opportunity to meet with Fhernando Colunga of Colunga luxury fashions in London thanks to Matt Swinney for making the introduction.  Señor Colunga generously shared his time and expertise with me regarding the fashion industry.  It was very enlightening and I learned so much from him.  It was such a gift to have time with someone so busy.  I will be posting more pics later……

Read more on Fhernando’s line “Colunga”:

Fashion meeting in London with Orsola de Castro of “From Somewhere”

Thanks to Ms. Cara for arranging for me to meet up with the amazing fashion designer Orsola de Castro.  I learned a lot about up cycling fabrics for creating amazing fashions.  From Somewhere is eco conscious fashion.  Please read more about her:



The wood in its damp

Its raw jeweled green

Its cradle for all needing

In its life containing lives

Who like me depend

Depend upon the sound of silence

Smell of fresh dew falling off contours of a leaf

Into my palm outstretched

Longing for the inspiration

Longing for the words to form

A poem in the raw jeweled green

My walk to inspiration



With what was just and right

With God within her moral

For just and right was god

For just and right was she

And blown upon the ungraved

Blown, smoothed, covered, and poured

Fresh and black upon

The old timed withered and crumpled

Held pinned by hubris

Tacked upon blue and sky

Where the clouds saunter

Left and right in endless tearful blue

Going nowhere

And leaving tracks of nothing

Etched in decree it was

Decree that sealed a cave

Black upon black and darkness

Holding dear life which longs

Which yearns, which begs for

A darkness

For oh she is lost, she is one with dead among the living

Billowing white it blew

Caressing dead of a beginning

Loose and white, delicate

Weaved with what promises life made

In a noose holding pale and porcelain

With a flush drained

And to a kin seeming irreplaceable



*First Place Winner the Elora Writers’ Festival 2012(Canada)