2 thoughts on “Worked on my fashion illustrations tonight !

  1. very nice – when i was oh so much younger, i used to tag along with the adults to pattern stores – i’ve always enjoyed looking in their catalogs and the drawers filled with interesting pattern envelopes – vogue patterned started in 1899 as a weekly feature of vogue magazine – my grandmother was born in 1889 and i’m wondering when she became inspired by the world of patterns. she grew up on the prairie of south dakota – broke horses and was bow-legged the rest of her life!

    your beautiful fashion illustrations inspire old memories of my grandmother and her love of material and thread.

    • that is a really amazing story. i really enjoy looking at the old vogue patterns, very inspiring. i love that my fashion illustrations remind you of your grandmother. thanks for sharing that with me ! I will post the drawing that I did in just a bit. they are drawings of my actual collection – my min resort and my Fall 2012

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