It is


Brick by brick

Mortared in tradition

unique structures

resurfaced in

a dissimilar vision

Different yet the same

Memories housed

of the past

Within the walls

and framed by each life

Different yet the same

Dwelling in stories

Some yet untold

lay within these cracks

They slip

concealing mistakes made in the foundation

But hard as nails

Each story of us

Different yet the same

A house with such good bones

Has learned much

Over these generations

* Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

7 X 7 Award

A huge thank you to for nominating me for the 7×7 award!

I feel very honored 🙂


The Rules once you have been given this award are simple and yet make you think, not a bad thing always. ;)

The rules are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell something about yourself that no one else knows (this may be challenging).

3. Link to seven of your entries: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, and Most Pride Worthy (again this may be challenging).


4. Nominate seven other bloggers and notify them.


I think that something people may not know about me is that I am very shy and reserved.



Seven Entries:

Most Beautiful Piece:  my poem – Sunrise (2009), my painting of Ella, fashion- my kimono shirt out Spring 2012

Most Helpful: fashion – art apron (that I designed)

Most Popular: my poem – In the Teetering Woods,  my painting – Papa, for fashion – my ball gown

Most Controversal: my poem – Teddy, my painting – oil spill

Most Surprisingly Successful:  my poem – Custos Capulus

Most Underrated: my Letter to Sylvia

Most Pride Worthy: my poem – Spider Web, my painting – Ella, fashion – my clothing line “IsabellaRose” out Spring 2012


Now, for my nominations in no particular order.

Congrats! :)

1.  artboy68

2.  ohcanaduh

3. Francina Hartstra

4.   Antonio

5.   Denis & Laila at

6.   Kristina Carran

7.  Murdoch

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Eva Ridenhour

I’m so happy to see my good friend Eva Ridenhour modeling some of the clothes I made this past summer!  Eva is wearing my Moroccan inspired tunic and pink skorts, last seen here.

Be sure to check out Eva’s website where you can follow her on her journeys as one of the youngest authors and artists around!!  Hope you enjoy!

Eva in my self designed and hand made pink skort and Moroccan tunic. Thanks Eva!

Scratch and Colour by Antonio Occulto

Today I received an amazing gift from the BRILLIANT artist Antonio Occulto!  He did a portrait of me that is beyond fantastic!  If you have not seen his blog then you are really missing out on a major creative genius!

Please be inspired and see his work at 


Pencil, Marking Pen, Oil Pastel and… Coffee [accidents in the home, maybe   ;-)   – Antonio