Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Seeking those


To complete her life

If  she will ever get there

Could she lift her twig like leg

And take a step

Or lose her life

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Did she really think she could make it to the other side

Or become one of  the black smudges


Another death

Completing this shadowed picture

As the cars continue

Their race to nowhere

Waltz of Wind

Sting of wind

Burns my face

A reminder that

Love is gone

Like the wind

Beginning strong

A gust to

A winding wind

through my limbs

embracing me

softly curled

my fingers leave

falling down

to the ground

wafting along

a tempest gone

FriENDship Lost

I met you that bright day

You blew in with the golden leaves of fall

Our laughter spread into the forest

Where time passes slowly enough

To build our fortress of friendship

Branch by branch

Twig by twig

Securing our structure

But nothing is perfect

And there were holes

Letting the sunlight through

In the winter we huddled together

In the fort

With make believe tea and toast

To warm our bellies

Our heated secrets

Fueling the fire of friendship

Melding together

But the wind blew and our fort wobbled

So we “secured” it with twine

And brought in the new year

With toasts of bubbling glasses

And faces lit like fireworks

In the starless sky

Where resolutions were made

Possibly with regret

Now that I see

Yours was unkept

Or buried

Buried in the sand of summer

Our fortress on the beach

Taking hours of work

To reveal

A stunning sand castle


Delighted passers by

Yet here and there

Small lies surfaced

And rushed the entire spectacle

Washing it away

And I was drowning in it at first

But then chose to look the other way

And focus on the stunning sunny day

But the sun faded away

In the distance

There came a call

A battle cry

Founded in untruths and lies

Posted on the internet

Where nothing truly dies

Like a coward

You hid with your guile

For reasons unknown to me

But then a glimpse of light

Because there was a pattern

That I began to see

Your forts

The way you build your forts

Is so very different

Than me

Your reality is steeped in make believe

And my gut feeling told me

To run

To leave

Gaining strength in my every step

I ran and ran

Back to the forest

Where the fort was now gone

Just sunlight standing on the spot

Where it once was

I was stunned

So difficult to understand

How our branches broke

And our twigs scattered

The sun beat down its truth

This was not friendly ground

That day

You knocked the fort down

Passion Flower

Beneath your exterior of

spiked violet fading to icy blue

there lies a calm

sleepful, restful

hypnotic trance

feathered within  your beauty

unique tranquility

where you reveal yourself

from fruit or flower

and kindle me

into deep slumber



With its hooked “J” ready to catch you an unsuspecting fish

The beginning of a new year

When we didn’t want it

With its spiraling ups and downs

Another chapter in this worn endless book

Of the

Un-connecting mix and match of tales

that make up your life

how it would be reassuring

to know that in twelve months time

you would have time to


to think

of the rush of the past year

to relive your glories

and fast forward

through the losses

never having to add a new chapter

to your abyss of a book

black and looming


Is not a fresh beginning

Its blank page


For it is just  a gust of wind

Forcing you

To write

Your inky letters

* Published in the International Austin Poetry Anthology 2011

* Awarded the “Silver Key” Award for the Scholastic Art and Writing Award of 2012

Starry Night

Casting golden light

From heaven

Onto the oars that have been left

To fade in the deepest blue

Quietly you shine

Leaving your bright veils

A marriage

Of water and eternity

Reuniting each night

Far into the


Starry night

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine


Cluster by cluster

We are bursting into flame

The great orb filling our goblets

With fire

To kindle our souls

So we can glow

Because blue is the only color

We do not come in

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

*Published in FRED Mensa magazine