Impressions of a Grocery Store (2011)

Down the frozen food aisle

A child is lingering at the ice cream section

Gazing at an extra large tub of strawberry ice cream

A woman is racing this way and that

Constantly checking her small dainty silver watch

Hands are rapidly testing oranges to find that perfect combination of juicy firmness

A girl labors over a decision between Junior Mints and JuJubes

The droning voice of a cashier totals your buy of apples and cheese

All the while  your purchases are placed in the signature plastic bag

And the sliding sound of the automatic doors opening and closing

* Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

* 3rd Place Winner in the Haltom City Library Poetry Contest

The Weather

This is the weather

With clouds like feathers, this is the weather

Whoosh, the wind blows the red leaves

The deep fuchsia orchid has a sweet scent

And the open roses know all

A cupcake frosted with blue sky

This is rare.// like a gem


*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

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Amazing Kid! of the Month! – Isabella Taylor

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Quote of the Month

“I mostly like to write poetry because it allows you to look at things in a different light and express yourself with words.”

-Isabella Taylor

Amazing Kid! of the Month-Isabella Taylor,

Age 9, Amazing Artist, Poet, and staff member of the Amazing Kids! Magazine

Whether writing poetry, creating art, contributing articles or designing new fashion designs, Isabella Taylor is not an ordinary 9 year old.  Based on her accomplishments, her dreams and her attitude, she can only be described as extraordinary!  From publishing poetry, winning contests, and holding her own art show, Isabella knows just how to make her visions a reality. Amazing Kids! is proud to announce Isabella Taylor as our January Amazing Kid of the Month.

Isabella Taylor, 9 year old Amazing Artist and Poet!

Amazing Art Work

Isabella got her start to painting when she was 3 years old after receiving a watercolor set for her birthday. Right away Isabella began experimenting with painting. “I would attempt painting flowers for hours and hours,” she says.

Bamboo, 2005, Isabella’s first watercolor

But it wasn’t just Isabella’s love of art that stood out to her parents. “One thing that really stood out for us at that time was not what she was putting on paper but how she would put things back,” Isabella’s mother, Sherri Taylor, explains. “She would arrange her markers into beautiful patterns.”

Study in Purple, 2010

Since then, Isabella was able to take private lessons. Now, her artwork has taken off! Isabella describes her artwork as modern. “My absolute favorite style of art is modern/abstract art because I really love how it is open to each individual’s interpretation.”

An art piece by Isabella

Isabella is inspired by many things, however she attributes an American painter, Chuck Close, as being a huge inspiration to her. “He became a quadriplegic and most people would have given up being an artist, but he persevered. He never let anything stop him from making art,” Isabella says.

Several of Isabella’s paintings have already been published in magazines! She has even held 2 of her own art shows and is planning for the next one. “I love to see people enjoy my artwork because I had so much delight in making it,” Isabella says. Even more rewarding is that after seeing her artwork, parents and kids alike are inspired!

Isabella with her painting, Papa

Turning Thoughts into Words

Not only is Isabella an incredible young artist, but she is also a gifted writer. “When she was 7 she started reading some poetry and became very enamored with it,” Mrs. Taylor explains. Now, Isabella writes her own poetry.

“I write about whatever is inspiring me at the time. Sometimes I just have a thought and start writing,” Isabella says. “The themes seem to vary for me, but I do tend to write a lot of poems about nature,” she adds.

The works of other great writers also help to inspire Isabella. Already, Isabella is immersing herself in works by authors such as Sylvia Plath, Louise Gluck, Seamus Heaney, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, John Keats, and more! “She is an absolutely voracious reader,” Isabella’s mother explains. “She has been duly inspired, in both her art and writing, by what she has seen or read.”

In the last few years alone, Isabella has racked up numerous awards and recognition for her poetry. A few of these include winning 1st place in the Haltom City Poetry Contest and being a Featured Poet of the Week at Shreve Memorial Library!

The prestige of the awards isn’t what Isabella is proud of though.  She simply loves sharing her poems. “It’s very exciting to have others read them and maybe even be inspired to pick up a pen and start writing!” Isabella says.

Isabella’s writing accomplishments consist of having poetry published in Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

The awards she has won consist of:

  • Second Place- Torrence Legacy Award for Poetry “Fire” 2009
  • Second Place – Elora International Writing Contest for Poetry (Canada) 2010
  • 2 Highly Commended & 1 Commended – New Zealand International Poetry Contest 2010
  • Publication in Adult anthology – Austin International Poetry Anthology
  • Honorable Mention in Letters About Literature – Letter to Sylvia Plath by Isabella Taylor
  • Poetic Power Anthology publication 2010
  • 1st place winner Haltom City Poetry Contest
  • Featured Poet of the Week at Shreve Memorial Library May 2010

Isabella’s Future

When Isabella isn’t writing our painting, she also has other interests that help fill up her time. “She wants to do so many things she doesn’t know how to fit everything in that she wants to do,” Sherri Taylor admits. Isabella is also interested in sculpting, photography, sewing, fashion design and medicine. She is also a member of Mensa, a high IQ society, and is a Davidson Youth Scholar, which nurtures and supports some of the nation’s brightest youths!

Isabella taking pictures of nature

Isabella has been writing for this very magazine as a contributing writer for almost 2 years.  She generates exceptional articles, takes on any challenge and always meets her deadlines. Very recently she has become our editor for the non-fiction section of Amazing Kids! Magazine.

So how does Isabella balance all of her interests? “Some weeks she will just want to write poetry and other weeks it will be all about painting, sculpting and more recently fashion design and sewing,” her mother explains.

Isabella painting Dreaming of Hundertwasser

With so many talents and interests, Isabella’s future is anything she can dream! However, “Most recently, I am interested in fashion design and would like to pursue that further,” Isabella explains.

Isabella has so many accomplishments that we believe she will continue to go out and do amazing things. To everyone trying to accomplish their own dream Isabella says, “I would say to just go for it. Put your ideas to work and never give up.”

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An escape
From a melancholy mood
Communicating through black lines
Notes rhythmically scattered
Setting the tone of the day
Feeling inspiration
Heeding this poetry set to sound
Traditions steeped in modulation
Forever lifting spirits
With meaningful vibrations
Through the universal language
Of music


*Written and published for Amazing! Kids magazine