Water Garden (A Sonnet)

speckled blush upon the bice

sequined in each reflection

the teal now doubled twice

with wind in each direction

and Koi beneath the mirror

swimming ‘round in liquid air

where their peach blurs are faintly clear

‘round and ‘round and ‘round to be rid of summer glare

bolting marigold

among the mimicked tree

and parody bold

with no seen flee

empty and hollowed

for those who have followed

A Slice of Glam blog by Ms. Amberly Poole !!

I first met Ms. Amberly at Dallas FNO and was thrilled that she was able to attend my trunk show in McKinney !  She has a wonderful blog that you need to check out 🙂  She wrote a very nice blog post on me and the event.  BIG THANKS to A SLIcE oF GlaM ! !





Monday, October 22, 2012

Isabella Rose Trunk Show

{the designer and I; she designed the tunic she is wearing, love the print!}
{the photo on this tee is from a self portait painting she made (yep, she’s an artist too!)}
{tops, blouses and jackets from her Fall collection}
{my “fashion sis” Camille, and Isabella Rose}
 {adorable oversized flower pins}

Happy Monday everyone!  On Saturday, my friend Camille and I had the pleasure of attending the Isabella Rose Trunk Show and Reception in McKinney, TX.  I met her during her presentation at Fashion’s Night Out at Highland Park Village in Dallas, and was eager to see more of her work.  Isabella Rose is a young designer (11 years old!) from Austin, Texas who creates beautiful paintings, fashion, and poetry.  She is talented beyond her young years, and is very humble, sweet and friendly!  The event was held at the Gather in Downtown McKinney, and if you’re ever visiting the area stop by this gorgeous little restaurant/shop.  Check out Isabella’s blog here, and more of her fashion here.  Hope you all had a great weekend!