Where I Come From


Piano ivory keys contrasting against slender sharps and flats

The dark stained wooden bed frame worn to a honey golden


The peach blossom pearly blushed the scent traveling in the breeze

Long looming limbs of the pear tree never concealing a ripe green pear


Rosemary roasted chicken emerging from the scorched clay pot

Cinnamon wafting from my rice porridge bowl


The gentle pitter patter of my dog’s charcoal colored claws on the wooden floors

“What is the worst thing that could happen?”  -Grandma


Grandma’s russet red lips arched in a perpetual “U” set against her alabaster porcelain skin


Ballad of Spring

Spring is in the air

Fresh smell of loam so rich

Maples clothed in soft leaves

The water sunlight kissed


Light peeking through the trees

The brooks a bubble

Buds opening to their glory

Birds warning of trouble


The eggshell is cracking

The bells sound metallic ring

Here is where the flowers sing

The pond reflecting spring

The Weaver’s Song

I weave

Turning threads into golden moments

A blanket for the sick and dying

like magic

Spinning tapestries

I weave to help others

Myself a loom for creation

For you a design

Weaving is my way of life

Patience, skill and attention

How do you live?




*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

“A Thousand Paper Cranes” -a poem dedicated to Japan

I hope to give you a beam of light

In your clouded suffering

And give you a sunny day

to piece your ruins back together column by column

A star to show you a shining way

A key to unlock your heart

And pluck the heat from the sun and weave it into a blanket

To erase the endless past

I wish to give you a poem

Because the words are

A thousand paper cranes reflecting color

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

* Honorable Mention in the Haltom City Library Poetry Contest 2011

*Second Place Winner Torrance Legacy Poetry Award 2011

Spider Web

I did not see you



Wearing only

Water strung like pearls

Your luring architecture mastered over centuries

A geometric maze

I sit and  wonder how many innocent lives you have taken

So proudly displayed upon your

Mandala patterned streets

Various colored lights of

Blue, red and yellow blushing gold

In the dusky light of dawn

As you take my soul

Memory by memory

Thought by thought



*First Place Winner of the EWF Young Writers Contest Canada 2011


Acquiescence to a melody

Swanlike neck stretched

In a pensive glaze

Rosebud lips pursed at the seam

Brown locks veiled

Atop a porcelain vase

Splayed alabaster

An explosion of delicate grace

Twirling in an atmospheric whirl

Underneath a flowered crown

A timeless sound applauding

*Published in Amazing Kids! Magazine

*Published in Creative Kids Magazine

*Published in FRED Mensa magazine