Word Banquet (2009) age:8

I grow strong

On this diet of words

The most satisfying meal

Feasting on knowledge

Dining each day

On letters

And a poem for dessert

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

* Published in Expressions Creative Art/Writing (Mensa)

* Poem of the day on Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network    May 2010

* Published in Creative Kids magazine

Winter Day (2009)

My hands tremulous from the cold

I grasp the clay mug

The scent of chamomile wafts by

The hot liquid traverses down my throat

Warming my body

My cheeks sanguine

I thrust open the wooden door

To relish in this snowy day

*Published in Expressions magazine (Mensa)

* Poem of the day on Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network    May 2010

* Published in FRED Mensa magazine

The End (2009)

I watch the ceremony

The soul lifting up and up

While the remains go down

Into the loam

But I sit here neither above nor below

The only part of me that will submerge

Is the salty tear

That once trickled down my face

*Published FRED Mensa magazine

* Published in Skipping Stones Magazine

Taken Life 2010

Pulse of me, beat of me

Perfectly, full of sound

Blanketed, blanketed

Flesh of me, melody

Deceit beneath me lies

Hades arrhythmic tune

Taken too soon from me

Valley of death came I

Life no longer in my veins

Crossed over, yes am I

Sunshine Sestina (2010)

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are grey

You’ll never know dear

Please don’t take my sunshine away

When you walked away

You took all my sunshine

How I miss you my dear

Thinking of yourself only

You make me feel so grey

Leaving me so un-happy

I remember the days when we were happy

You threw us away

Now I am left with only days filled with pain and grey

Not a glimpse of sunshine

Gone, my one and only

Love no longer holds me dear

But I will let you know dear

I will make myself happy

No longer will you be my one and only

I will turn my love away

And rain on your sunshine

Until your skies are cloudy and grey

Behind every cloud there is a silver lining but yours will only be a shade of grey

You once called me dear

You said you were my sunshine

Only you could make me happy

And you promised you would never go away

But your lies will leave you one and only

My advice to you is only

When you are old and grey

Look back on what you carelessly threw away

Sit in your remorse my dear

Be forever without happiness

In a world deprived of sunshine

I not only filled your heart with sunshine

But I made you happy when you were down and grey

So suffer my dear at what you tossed away

* “Commended” Placement in the New Zealand International Poetry Contest

* Performed with Spoken Word on local Austin TV

* Guest poet for the Austin International Poetry festival kickoff for the Youth Anthology

Sonnet For David (2010)

Sculptured from Carerra marble block

A soul released from the stone

Poised before you a mere rock

Perfectly situated but alone

And so Goliath met defeat

Now forever frozen in this motion

Thou shall never underestimate the meek

A divine creation of Michelangelo’s notion

An imposter with fig leaf

A royal hand did lay

He did not intend her grief

For he was born this way

So as blood pumps through your veins in stride

Time will continue always on his side

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

* Published in “A Celebration of Poets” Anthology 2010

Emerald Soldier (2008)

A little blade of grass

A shadow on its back

So many must have passed

This blade of grass is last

It slowly grows alone

All it has is its own soul

All cozy in its loam

Always wishing to join a nearby knoll

Wishing for a bed to lay

If only it could taste a drop of dew

Always longing for May

It would survive another whole night through

Oh, you emerald soldier

For me there is no bolder

* Published  in Amazing Kids! magazine December 2009

Sonnet 14 (2009)

Oh my sweet fruitful love

Abundance of vermillion seed

As delicate as a morning dove

Dear devotion to my every need

Rubies laden in your mossy hair

Your skin a white fleshy albedo

For you to share my golden chair

Arils encase the seeds I now know

The pomegranate stained lip

No longer to be mine

Justified by a lover’s quip

Exalted by the divine

Fruit of the dead in Hades domain

Abiding love no longer calls my name

Isabella Taylor

Age 8

* Received publication in the Austin International Poetry Adult Anthology 2010

* Published in Intelligent Expressions – Arts & Entertainment SIG’s Blog – Mensa

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine