Sunshine Sestina (2010)

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

When skies are grey

You’ll never know dear

Please don’t take my sunshine away

When you walked away

You took all my sunshine

How I miss you my dear

Thinking of yourself only

You make me feel so grey

Leaving me so un-happy

I remember the days when we were happy

You threw us away

Now I am left with only days filled with pain and grey

Not a glimpse of sunshine

Gone, my one and only

Love no longer holds me dear

But I will let you know dear

I will make myself happy

No longer will you be my one and only

I will turn my love away

And rain on your sunshine

Until your skies are cloudy and grey

Behind every cloud there is a silver lining but yours will only be a shade of grey

You once called me dear

You said you were my sunshine

Only you could make me happy

And you promised you would never go away

But your lies will leave you one and only

My advice to you is only

When you are old and grey

Look back on what you carelessly threw away

Sit in your remorse my dear

Be forever without happiness

In a world deprived of sunshine

I not only filled your heart with sunshine

But I made you happy when you were down and grey

So suffer my dear at what you tossed away

* “Commended” Placement in the New Zealand International Poetry Contest

* Performed with Spoken Word on local Austin TV

* Guest poet for the Austin International Poetry festival kickoff for the Youth Anthology