14 thoughts on “Couture in progress. . . . . inspiration from my painting “Winter Roses”

  1. Not sure if you are ever planning it, but a combination show of your couture inspired by your paintings would make a wonderful show!

    • Thank you !!! I have done a show that combined my fashion with my art and that relationship — in Dallas, TX at their FNO at Kristy Stubbs Gallery. Kristy Stubbs Gallery is selling my artwork currently which is thrilling for me. Next on the agenda is another combination show of my fashion and my art in NYC !! Stay tuned. . . . . it will be this Spring 🙂 Thanks for all your support

  2. I am liking this dress, especially the bottom.Looking forward to the final results. I think it’s very cool how you use your own art as an inspiration for clothes. Have a lovely day Isabella. God Bless

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