Thank you studio ten 25…..Ms. Abbe Fenimore for featuring me !!!




This past week I had the pleasure of meeting the 11 year old fashion designer, poet and artist Isabella Rose….yes, I said 11 year old.  This little girl blew me away! As soon as we walked into the Kristy Stubbss Gallery in Highland Park Village for the Fashion’s Night Out event, little miss Isabella walked over to introduce herself and shake my hand.  It took a minute for me to figure out that not only did she create all of the stunning pieces on the gallery walls, but she designed her own outfit.  Check out the pictures from her Austin Fashion Week show HERE.



Although I love here adorable yet stylish fashion line, I fell in love with her fabulous pieces of art!  The large scale abstract designs caught my eye immediately and now I’m trying to find a design project that needs one!!!  I love these images of her creating her pieces too!!





Keep your eye on this one!!! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the future…and to think I was just wanting to hang out at the mall and beg my dad to let me go watch Dirty Dancing at the movies again.

6 thoughts on “Thank you studio ten 25…..Ms. Abbe Fenimore for featuring me !!!

  1. Fantastic, I must say that I really like the way your paintings on framed on the wall ( the presentation) looks really good in my opinion : )

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