13 thoughts on “Sourcing fabric in NYC ! Hard work !!!

    • First and foremost I have to consider how it feels. If something feels bad against my skin I won’t wear it and I feel other girls my age won’t either. Then I have to consider how the fabric will hang or drape for my design and then the real challenge of finding a color palette — this is especially difficult because what I want is not out there a lot of the time. I have to change my color palette on the spot and try to find a different direction. Additionally, having to consider what the fabric store stocks and what they don’t. It’s like going to battle !!

  1. Yup, it is. Specially in NY!!!! I lived their for 7 years and loved going to the fabric stores and it was hard to choose. They have some amazing fabrics! I always love to get the cut samples!!! đŸ™‚

  2. It looks like fun. Changing color palettes does add a lot of challenges. For a creative person you most likely have already spend a good deal of time selecting your colors at the very beginning, then when one doesn’t exist, it often means new choices all the way around.

    I love the tee shirt with your painting on the front. Lovely!!

    You are proof that kids can and should be respected in the business world. If the idea is there and it is good, age should not be a barrier. High five!!

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