Honeysuckle Grove


If you pad down pavement with some

places in particular and chipped

you can walk against the wire diamonds

that are peeled and worn

there you can leap up

the steep but steeping


and follow paths gray to messes of tangled

and dangling trees with bronze coated leaves

that whistle and chime to the wind

sway and sway to the melodies

and drink in their honeysuckle


some buzzing with life within

amongst their hollowed homes

where the honeysuckle swirls and


dancing white shoes

tapping to the their music

and leaping there invisible steps

up and down

some circling ‘round

to their destiny of vine and there to


perhaps to children’s homes to show

them the honeysuckle groves

so they may come and dance

at nightfall

with their little white shoes

upon tiny feet

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