I am entwined

Weaved in the moss and umber

Smelling of dew

And reflecting

Oaks patterned in the blue

With a dearth of sound

And intricate sewing of roots

Moving loam

That bubbles with life

And lives

by the faint babble of a brook

Dappled with leaves small and ever so dainty

Like inspiration

Brimming sunshine in a cup


*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

16 thoughts on “Love

  1. Oh how stunning: brimming sunshine in a cup indeed. I’m teachinga creative writing course right now and keep thinking of you. Wish you were in Bismarck…

  2. Oh how I hear a babbling brooklet in the distance – while reading your word canvas of such delicious colors, smells, and sounds, so beautifully composed and sprinkled with sunshine.

    I hope some day you will walk through the forest of pointed firs, or play by the cerulean sea splashing onto the rocky coast of the Acadia National Park.

    hear the wind
    smell the salty spray
    happy seagulls guiding
    crashing surf the sounds thunder
    turn your head, watch
    far beyond land’s end
    where water kisses the sky
    there you will write
    there you will paint
    whistle and sing songs
    until the stars chase away the sun

    you are amazing Isabella Rose

    David in Maine USA

    • OH my gosh. You are such an amazing poet! It is so inspirational ! I really appreciate your taking time to read my poetry and comment. It really means a lot to me. Thank you again.

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