Custos Capulus (The Graveyard Keeper – in the spirit of Jabberwocky)

Each and every starrified night

I guide the yelves

To their bimarian vaults

Pudifying the misquemed myrianders

For even the most amorevolous creatures

Creep about the polyandrium

Drollic woundikins soleated in the sospitalic ponasks

Cannot escape my hemerine kexy

I gather each rendling soul

With forced pication

A thankless berth

In this plenisphere of the walking dead

My undeniable duty

Protecting the lost thural temerates

From the rousing restless

Oh, human if you knew

What scathfire of welmish dank

I endure each night

Vanmost at best

However schismarched a roblet


Some call me a sacriolist

But simply

I am the keeper of this charnel house

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