10 thoughts on “Random sketch

  1. She looks like she is all bundled up for cold weather, with coat, scarf and hat. The length of her dress is the same as when I was in high school in the early ’70’s. I guess I’m not connecting why good weather and going to school are incongruent. Doesn’t she want to see all of the signs and symbols around her? I can’t quite make them out.


    • This has been an interesting discussion !! This is Iceland and that is how they dress there. This is very recent as well. It may be like the early 1970’s here but it is the style there. She has her coat, scarf and hat but it was a magnificent sunny day – summer in iceland equals 24 hours of sunlight. This is my personal experience as I sat there on a bench. This was similar to an actual girl passing by( i guess she was in high school). Of course, I can connect the desire to be out in the sun and not in a classroom!!! I was out in the sun and not a classroom and loving it, that is my connection or projection. Trust me when I say that there are plenty of times kids wish they were outside and not sitting in the classroom. Most schools I have been have us sit in the class we don’t go outside and work . The signs are in Icelandic and I do not have the memory to write them correctly so I purposely left them ambiguous. My drawing was just a drawing, literally sketched it in about 40 minutes. I am not sure it is as thoughtful as you may think? Thanks for this discussion, its been very fun đŸ™‚

      • I live in Alaska, so we have lots of sun in the summer time. We actually have lots of sun in the winter, too!

        I know it is frustrating for me when the weather is finally nice here and my kids are still just sitting inside at school. Especially, the PE classes. Not only do they not take advantage of teaching the kids the winter sports that are so popular here (only rich families really get to ski and stuff)–they don’t even go outside in our short spring.

        I think all art we produce is thoughtful, even if we don’t notice it ourselves sometimes.


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