Wheels of inspiration turning

Running on thoughts and ideas

Racing down the track

To meet reality

As they collide

The smoke clears

Making way

For the invention


Published in Amazing Kids! magazine


Unraveling like:

Yarn worn from the fingertips

Blushed rose petals falling to the ground

Snow kissed with sunlight

Chalk marks in the rain

A tight curl of hair in the wind

A vine wrapped around a plant

A blanket around my body

The neighbor’s gossip

A good mystery




*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

Isabella, What’s in a Name? –I keep revising this one

My name means God’s promise

I do not know why this name

Assumes that awesome task of commitment

Touched with greatness

Crowned with the prodigious title of God’s promise

I seem to feel the looming sense of “why “ upon my lips “why”

You can cut my name in half

Beautiful in Italian “Bella”

“I” “s” “a” “b” “e” “l” “l” “a”

Eight letters, the “Bella” spoken quickly off the tongue

If you remove an “l”, Isabela in Spanish

Yet I am partial to having  two “l”s because

There are two teacups

In my tea set

Two wings on a butterfly

And two strings to tie a bow


A bright red ribbon