Ephemera: Trout Lily

Upon the day



along with the ephemera

in your dark and glooming wood

that you brighten

In the gloaming

your stem slenderly arched in a “U” of uncertainty

of unearthly

transient petals peeled back

as if

afraid to show the world your abundance

which will last a day

Only a day

and facing down from where you came

Down into the rich nurturing loam

as you






but did it ever even matter?

that you never saw the sanct sun


the trees cloaked in a mossy green


your livid petals floating off and into

the hair of some child laughing and spinning

in the air

Lips stained with strawberries

that you will never know


did it ever matter?

Did you ever matter?

*Published in “The Pen” (Pittsburgh, PA)

* Published in the 2011 Diverse Youth Anthology ( International Poetry Festival in Austin, TX)

5 thoughts on “Ephemera: Trout Lily

  1. How are you?

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    Please leave your link under my agreement post when you are ready…Poetry Awards are assigned upon completion…Hope to see you in…

    Your poetry rocks!
    Keep Writing, Happy 2011!

  2. Love your poetry work here.

    Your link is under fresh poets to explore,
    Happy Tuesday, come in on or by Wednesday …


    Let me know if you have questions.

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