Untitled 2010


Thoughts like petals in the wind


Toward the sun for golden kisses

Of light

Growing strong, upward with might

In silence

Then in night

Yearning for growth and spirit



No longer amid feelings


Just beige

And empty

While in San Francisco…….. I surprisingly showed up on someone’s fashion blog !!!! June 2009


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The girl in the brown sandals….Washington Square, San Francisco

A friend of my Mom’s was looking at one of her favorite fashion blogs when she saw a picture that she thought looked just like me.  She sent it to my Mom and commented on how much the child looked like me.  My Mom could not believe it was actually ME!!  What a weird circumstance !!  I was happy to be on a fashion blog 🙂

A Sonnet for a Sonnet 2009

This confinement I adore

Restriction so sublime

Only want of more

Every other line to rhyme

I pattern the paper with dots of ink

Hand strokes this ivory parchment

Words of choice to think

Might fit this lovely agreement

I labor lists of  lexeme

Staying within this jail

Happy, sad or love theme

The form must ultimately prevail

A sonnet you did surmise

Now revealed is my disguise