The Mighty Pen (2009)

I’ve dripped black blood

Onto your ivory skin

Forming this revolution

Of thoughts

Sacrificing myself for your freedom

A word for your every soldier

I stand mighty and proud

Embedded in the minds of men

Who once fought for ideas

With swords and not pens

Oh, the power of my strokes

Unleashing forbidden thoughts

Changing our society

Uplifting or controlling it

I can determine this

Letter by letter

Painted Joy (2010)

Begin with  a blank canvas of coppery parchment

Upon it place a full moon face

With oculus of ecru lined in charcoal black

And cheeks flushed with fuchsia

Laden upon her chains of jewels drip

From her neck a waft of fragrant perfume

As her silky obsidian hair ironed straight

Hangs an ebony sheen so bright

Lavish lips stained a mystical magenta

Mouth parting to reveal a string of pearls

Fingers embracing nails chipped of wine

Yet each stroke of her brush, an art divine

Pages (2009)

Your ivory skin so sensitive
Your black veins that never pulse
The slightest damage and you bleed
Black blood

*Published Creative Kids magazine

*Published FRED Mensa magazine

* Poem of the day on Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network    May 2010

Outlines (2009)

To see the piercing orange sky

The ebony of black steadies the outlines of the charcoal worshippers

They raise their head high

Sooty manes flickering

Horns raised in a salute to her departure

A prayer to this mystical fire in the sky

Who sets day and night

* Poem of the day on Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network    May 2010

Olive Tree Sonnet (2010)

The sagacity of gnarled and twisted bark

As a dynasty of Kinglets soar by

The tree that feeds children doth Sophocles remark

This magnanimous gift of Athena do not deny

Cloaked in a marigold lichen cape

Superfluous emerald leaves underside alabaster

Exquisitely pressed as if a mere grape

Food, oil, wood my mighty Master

Take to your chambers in grove

Luxuriate in your bath of vinegar brine

Pollen-laden anthers in ivory repose

Symbol of goodness and purity sublime

Yet just a bitter fruit to behold

In an eccentric disguise of liquid amber gold

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine

Oh, Human If You Knew (2009)

Oh, human if you knew

What I have gone through

I’ve escaped the sharp, shining axes

That have cut and dragged my family away

I’ve killed the diseases that hide in my bark

I’ve forgotten my children that flew away

And the hundreds that fell

Still you sit here on my brother’s stump

And cry and cry away

*Published in Creative Kids magazine

Sonnet for a Sonnet (2009)

This confinement I adore

Restriction so sublime

Only want of more

Every other line to rhyme

I pattern the paper with dots of ink

Hand strokes this ivory parchment

Words of choice to think

Might fit this lovely agreement

I labor lists of  lexeme

Staying within this jail

Happy, sad or love theme

The form must ultimately prevail

A sonnet you did surmise

Now revealed is my disguise

Ode to Hermes (2010)

From Maia you were born

Destined to be the messenger of the Gods

And to the thieves you have been sworn

With Apollo briefly at odds

Upon winged sandals you deliver news

Plucking sweet melodies from your lyre

But you are not without your tricks

With eyes that sparkle mischievous fire

Delighted by Zeus

You did amuse

A guide for the dead to river Styx

Gods and mortals you charmed

Only Hera angered one time

Argus’ eyes permanently harmed

Your position is truly sublime

Put on trial for your wrong

A pebble in the hand of each divine

Votes cast by a stone’s throw

Knowing your ballots would be strong

Set free of the crime

Not a word uttered malign

Off with alacrity you did go

Morning Litany (2010)

Smell the lilacs

Against the amber sky

On the white washed fence

Smell toast

Burning in the toaster for breakfast

Smell the air

Hinting of a lake nearby

Hear crickets

chattering in the brush

Hear the rooster

Black against pinks, purples and yellows

Hear windchimes

Lazily ringing in the breeze

Taste cherries

From last night’s dinner

At the old oak table

Taste fresh water

So cold, leaving your mouth numb

Taste the blood

From your chapped, cracked lips

Feel the grass

Green and smooth

Feel the moist loam

Wet from morning dew

Feel pebbles

Gaining warmth

See the sun

Reaching its throne of glory

See woodpeckers

Tapping at the bark for grubs

See a tabby

Stalking a field mouse in the tall yawning grasses

*Published in Amazing Kids! magazine